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Splend Education creates opportunities for students.

We have been witnessing amazing changes in many  students while guiding them through positive, healthy challenges. We do understand how much our students and parents care about the students' academic achievements and desire to be admitted to highly selective colleges. We are committed to helping them achieve the goals by providing quality, educational and college counseling services. In addition, we guide our students to make a number of tangible and intangible achievements throughout the journey so they flourish in many different aspects in life. This results our students to become more competent for high school, college, and beyond.

What We Do for Our Students and Parents


College Counseling

Our professional, personalized, and goal-oriented college counseling services provide you with everything you need to achieve your college goals.

SAT/ACT Diagnostic Tests

We know more colleges and universities are going test-optional. However, it is still recommended students submit their (high) test score to raise their admissions chances. Take a diagnostic test to determine which (SAT or ACT) works better for you and to come up with strategies to gain a 1600 (SAT) or 36 (ACT).


Attend our seminars and learn updates on college admissions trends and our upcoming educational programs and services. The more you know, the more successful you become as a parent and student.

Academic English Courses

Become a competitive student during middle and high school by taking our challenging classes that are specifically designed to address students' needs. Our students are trained to have critical and adaptive thinking, strong reading comprehension, articulation in writing and speech.

Break Intensive Courses

Plan ahead and spend a well-balanced break. We offer intensive courses that will help students improve their academic skills in a short time.

Summer Camps/Workshops

Summer is long and short. It can be great if you know what to achieve using the upcoming summer (or all the summers throughout your high school career if you are given the right tools to plan ahead strategically). We offer quality courses and programs from Public Speaking for MS Students to College Essay Workshops for 12th Grade Students.

College: We help students define what it means to them and navigate their journey to achieve their goals.

Our Previous Students' College Acceptance Results

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