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Introducing Our Homestay Program,
(Academic Residential Center in Christ)

We are committed to prioritizing the safety and holistic well-being of our students. We integrate Christian values into the core of our services, fostering an environment that not only ensures security but also promotes empathy and support for our students. Our program is designed to cater specifically to the diverse needs of students enrolled in schools across the Silicon Valley area, providing tailored accommodations for a personalized and enriching homestay experience.

What truly sets us apart is the compelling narrative woven by our homestay program alumni, each serving as a testament to the exceptional quality of our services. Their accomplishments stand as evidence of the impact resulting from our guidance, care, and resources. Our mission extends beyond providing accommodation; it revolves around fostering an atmosphere that nurtures both academic success and emotional well-being, enabling students to pursue personal growth and achieve excellence.

Primary Services


  • Safe, caring environment

  • Daily care and support with room and board and healthy meals and snacks

  • Transportation 

  • Academic and emotional support

  • Guidance for extracurricular success

  • Regular social/educational events and activities throughout the year

  • Communication with school staff and faculty


  • Constant communication with host parents and school to collaborate in support of student

  • Frequent communication with and updates to parents on student with pictures

  • Local guardianship on behalf of parents for daily and necessary support of student

  • Host family vetting process, including a background check, home visitation, and in-person interview

  • Host family training

  • Constant communication with host parents regarding students

  • Homestay Contracts imposed policies and regulations necessary to support students

  • Regular home visits and student check-ins

Homestay Process

Host families serve a crucial role in the lives of international students. We are committed to selecting qualified host families only to provide a nurturing and caring environment for students' academic success and enriched extracurricular experiences.


Host Family Application

Our potential host families must complete our comprehensive application form to be considered for hosting our international students.


Home Visitation

Once we verify that each member of the prospective host family has passed the background check, we proceed to visit the home, inspecting both the neighborhood and the living environment to ensure the safety and quality of our students' homestays.


Student Placement and Orientation

After completing the necessary steps in the host family selection process, we place a right-match student in the homestay. Once the student is moved into the home, our homestay staff visits the homestay and guides both the host parents and student through our homestay orientation.


Background Check

After approval of the host family application, we conduct background checks on every family member aged 18 or older.


In-Person Interview

Our staff conducts an in-person interview in the potential host family's home to confirm their readiness to host our international students, ensuring they can provide the care and love needed and expected as their "parents in the US."


On-Going Support

We offer essential support and professional homestay services to all parties involved, including students, parents, host parents, and even schools, throughout the year.

Our Students

Through our structured support system and dedicated host families, our homestay students immerse themselves fully in both home and school experiences, achieving remarkable outcomes. We take immense pride in the success of our 43 students who have completed our homestay program in the past years and are now excelling in their higher education pursuits or chosen careers. Actively engaged in diverse activities within and beyond their high school campuses, they have honed skills that make them highly competitive in the college admissions process. Notably, a significant majority of our students have gained acceptance to prestigious institutions ranked among the top 25, such as Cornell University, UC Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon University, Johns Hopkins University, and University of Chicago. We are truly proud to share our students' achievements, including those listed below!

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