Well-Designed Homestay Program,

Successful Study Abroad Experience

Splend Homestay Program provides students more than wonderful families. It also offers educational services specially designed for international students to enrich their daily life during their study abroad experiences. This enables them to fulfill whatever goals they have for successful their high school life in the United States that include college admissions to a prestigious university. Below is what we proudly offer for our students and parents.

Living and Care

All of our families are recruited by recommendations only to assure the safety of students and the quality of the home environment. As the homestay parents become the students' "American parents," the homestay parents will be the students' official local guardians as they will be communicating with school and taking care of them on behalf of their parents in their home countries. The homestay parents treat their international students as their own children, and our students LOVE their homestay!

  • Guardianship

  • Essential living spaces: room (single or double), bathroom, access to common areas

  • Meals and snacks

  • Transportation

  • Wifi

  • Family activities, and MORE

College Counseling

Splend know why our international students came all the way to the U.S. and study, being away from their parents. Ultimately, for their college. This is why college counseling is not separable from homestay, which affects the quality of the students' daily life and often leads them to decide on their daily activities. This is done independently for each student, and our President is involved in the high school 4-year planning of every individual student in collaboration with host parents.

  • HS 4-year planning: class selections (regular or advanced, electives), extra-curricular activities, target colleges, grades, SAT/ACT, etc.

  • Monitoring grades and attendance

  • Frequent meetings with individual students

  • Communications with school academic counselor and teachers and program coaches/directors

  • College campus tours and meetings with admissions counselors, and MORE

Silicon Valley Activities

In Silicon Valley, there are tremendous learning opportunities as Silicon Valley is the home of innovative startups, world's top universities like Stanford University and UC Berkeley, and world-leading companies such as Google, Apple, and Facebook, which hires the best of the best. We, through Silicon Valley Activities, introduce our students to this great world of Silicon Valley to learn from the best and have them connect with inspiring people for both academic advice and life lessons. Followings are sample activities that are offered this school year:

  • College campus tours and admissions presentations: UC Berkeley, Stanford University, San Jose State University-Engineering School

  • Speaker series

- Software engineer at Google (M.Eng and PhD from Princeton University)​

- Manager engineer at the Siri department at Apple

- Senior Computer Science major student at Carnegie Mellon (Internship at Goldman Sachs in New York)

  • Silicon Valley tech company headquarters visits: Google, Facebook

  • and MORE

Special Support

In addition to the above services, we provide special support for students and their parents for students' successful study abroad experience. 

  • Tutoring service 

  • Frequent communications with parents

  • Monthly reports to parents in their languages that include Korean, Chinese, and Vietnamese