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Academic &
College Counseling


We believe that the first three years of high school are crucial for students to discover their unique strengths and reach their full potential. By guiding them through this process, we help students develop a distinctive profile that sets them apart from other applicants during the college admissions process. We understand that each student is unique, and that's why we offer personalized coaching to help them navigate the complexities of college admissions. From academics and extracurricular activities to standardized test scores, letters of recommendation, and essays, we provide expert guidance on every aspect of the admissions process. Our ultimate goal is to help students become the best version of themselves, not just for college, but for life. 

Academic & College

The Kick-Off Program: The First, Essential Step in the College Counseling Program


[8th-11th Grade]

Primary Services

  • Affordable, personalized college counseling and mentoring services from two expert counselors

  • 2 or 3 in-person counseling sessions (3 hours in total) within 4 weeks (both student and parent required to attend)

  • Comprehensive report that includes a thorough analysis of student’s strengths and weaknesses and practical advice that helps improve student’s academic performance immediately

  • High school 4-year planning that includes strategic course selections and extracurricular activities, setting the student up for success in his/her high school career and college application

What the Student and Parent Will Learn at the End of the Program:

  • More about the student (The high school career is the process of getting to know more about the student and developing his/her passions and interests. Ultimately, the college application process is the time to show who the student is as a student and a person!)

  • Valuable insights into the college application process; they will learn how the holistic review process, the importance of college essays and letters of recommendation, and how to stand out during the admissions process.)

  • Guidance on how to make the most of the high school experience and better prepare for the college



  • Splend Education's College Counseling Program Membership

  • Invitation to college seminars

  • Privilege to schedule private hourly counseling sessions


Things to Know Before Registration

  • Available for students in grades 8th-11th

  • Registration is open throughout the year

Hourly Counseling

The way to get easy access to expert resources and personalized guidance whenever needed


[8th-11th Grade]


  • Ongoing support through one-on-one meetings with expert counselors

  • Getting advice whenever needed or necessary (Meeting topics include academics, summer program essays, volunteering, extracurricular activities, summer planning, social/emotional struggles, current year’s college admissions data, letters of recommendation, and much more.)


Things to Know Before Registration

  • Pre-requisite: Registration or completion of Academic and College Coaching Package

  • One 1-hour in-person meeting at a time upon request

  • Recommended meeting schedules vary depending on the student's needs and goals. We generally recommend meeting at least once a quarter to get advice on academic and extracurricular performances, summer planning, course selections for the following year, recent college admissions data, etc.

College Application Package

The ultimate guidance that enables the student to present his/her strengths effectively by telling a cohesive and compelling story that will help the student stand out during the application process

[12th Grade]

Primary Services

  • Total care for college essays (College essays play an important role during the admissions process, but this is the most common area a lot of high achieving students make mistakes with. You need the right team of experts to be successful in this.)

  • Personalized private meetings and constant communication throughout the application process

  • Comprehensive guidance through the college research process and building a balanced college list

  • Assistance with teacher and counselor letters of recommendation forms


Things to Know Before Registration

  • Available for current 11th-graders only

  • Pre-requisite: Registration or completion of Academic and College Coaching Package, which allows us to get to know the student before advising them for the college application process

  • Registration opens once a year, between January and May

  • Two experienced counselors will be involved







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