Instructor - Jen Shin


Jen teaches two facets in this class: 1) understanding and forming one’s stance on a critical social issue; and 2) confident delivery of one’s message. For 1), students will read The New York Times articles on a controversial social issue. For 2), Jen will coach students on the basics of public speaking.


Great public speaking involves confident body language, in addition to sophisticated linguistic means. Jen will teach students—most of whom might be diffident, reserved, or disorganized—how to write persuasive scripts on social issues and how to cultivate the strategies of body language to become effective public speakers. Students’ presentations in the last class will be video-recorded and sent to parents.

Writing One's Perspective on Social Issues & Public -Spring Break Intensive

  • Option1.

    April 4 - April 8 (Mon - Fri)

    Option 2.

    April 11 - April 15 (Mon - Fri)

    Option 3. 

    April 18 - April 22 (Mon - Fri)

  • 7th, 8th