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Splend Education was officially founded in October 2017 in the heart of Silicon Valley, San Jose, California on the mission that we provide educational opportunities for students to experience and learn to be successful in every aspect in their lives. We believe that whatever we do makes impacts on students' lives. This belief is our guideline that helps us stay focused on providing excellent, quality services. We are committed to students' success.

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Rira Seo


Splend Education

A Message from the Founder

Splend Education exists to help students learn to their potential. Teenagers are tough to guide; however, working with them and seeing them grow through our dedicated work is definitely rewarding. We have been witnessing amazing changes in many young students and are continuously working to make great impacts on more students.

Our mission is to create opportunities for students to have meaningful experiences in their lives. We believe whatever we do to them and for them influence them tremendously, so we always hold a high standard in every aspect of our work and care about the quality of our service. You will be able to see this as soon as you start working with us. 

We appreciate every opportunity we are given to work with our clients and value each one of their unique stories. Let us hear you and serve you. Whatever needs you have, your expectations will be surely fulfilled.

Thank you very much for visiting Splend Education. We look forward to partnering with you!

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