Summer Camp: Experience, Learn & Grow

Depending on who they meet and what they experience, students' perspective changes to see the world. We create opportunities for students to experience meaningful things they would never experience anywhere else and learn from extraordinarily intelligent, yet humble and caring people to gain advice not only for their academics and career but also for life. Our end-of-camp surveys show every single student who participates in our camp is never the same after the camp ends -- they become more motivated and more passionate.

Google, Apple, and Facebook

  • Visiting the world-leading IT company headquarters

  • Touring the inside of the companies with inside people

Mentorship at Google, Apple, Facebook

  • Listening to presentations by engineers at an inside meeting room

  • Having Q&A sessions with the engineers inside the companies

Stanford University

  • Taking a professional programming course with local American students

  • Included courses: Coding for Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Code Apps with C++, and much more

  • Living in a Stanford dorm just like Stanford students!

Top Private School

  • One of the top 20 private schools in the United States

  • Taking courses with local American students (daily from 8:30am to 3:45pm for 2 weeks)

  • Learning from the best teachers, experiencing the American education, and improving English!

San Francisco, Santa Cruz, and Silicon Valley

  • Visiting local attractions in San Francisco, Santa Cruz and the Silicon Valley area 

  • Living in a safe, caring environment with wonderful American families with high standards

  • Experiencing the real American culture

  • Visiting famous local places with the families such as Monterey Bay Aquarium, University of California-Berkeley, and Great America

  • Our surveys show that the students LOVE their families!

American Homestay

*If you are contacting from a school or organization, please contact our Executive Camp Director at Thank you.